Going organic

The field I am transitioning to organic has oats underseeded with alfalfa. I cannot spray chemicals on it including my fencerows. So I thought I’d take a roto tiller to it to help control some of the giant ragweed starting to flourish along the edge rows.

It doesn’t work the best. I have to go over an area several times to get the weeds plucked and the tiller wants to move forward very fast. So I have to pull back on it while it tills forward. In 80 degree heat, it’s not so fun, but it’s all in the name of not using chemicals. As I was doing this exercise this morning I was thinking of farmers saying to themselves, “See, this is why I use chemicals”.

It’s just so darn easier.

Maybe I should rent a horse and a moulboard plow instead. And maybe I just made a nicer bed for weeds to grow! I think I’ll use a weed whipper/mower next time. The battle begins!