Going green


I could get used to having auto steer on the combine. I’m helping out a neighbor who owns all Deere equipment and has a brand new combine with all the bells and whistles. Not having to always look at the outside row and to be able to focus on what’s in front of you is nice. These beans were planted a month later than normal and their yielding alarmingly good.




Planting in the dark

Planting in the dark seems silly, but when you have Mother Nature and Father Time nipping at your heels one has to do what they have to do. So here I am planting soybeans after dark and what makes this task incredibly easy is GPS, auto-steer, and a monitor that tells you how many seeds you’re planting and where. This field could never be planted in the dark otherwise, as it has all sorts of angles that requires you to see the last row planted. This technology helps us work under the gun and has been worth its weight in gold this spring. Oh wait, it’s almost the first day of summer. I’ve never said that before. “I’m planting our crops in the summer!”
As my dad puts it, “This spring’s a bitch.”