Farm Facts

Here are some interesting farm facts that might put things in perspective:

14% of the U.S workforce, about 21 million people, is employed in agriculture-six times as many as in the automotive industry.

920,000 full-time jobs, including 608,000 jobs in the nonfarm sector, are generated by agriculture exports, according to a 2008 USDA study.

$369 billion in goods were sold from U.S farms in 2010-more than the gross domestic product of nearly 200 countries.

$116 billion in farm goods was exported in 2010. Agriculture is one of the few U.S. business sectors to boast a trade surplus.

$0.20 of every dollar that consumers spend on food goes back to the farmer.

9.5% is the portion of their income that Americans spend on food, less than in any other country.

75% of every U.S. Currency bill is made from cotton. (I hope it’s U.S. cotton!)

*facts taken from Farm Policy Facts listed in Farm Journal magazine