Berkshire Duroc cross pigs

I bought some pigs from an Amish fellow a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to start a small pig enterprise for some time and it’s now a reality. I’m very excited! I am raising them as outdoor pigs with a deep bedded system to stay warm indoors during the cold fall and winter nights. The breed is an outdoor hardy pig and can adapt to weather ups and downs quite well.

I am feeding them a nongmo complete feed mix made with nongmo soy protein and nongmo corn mixed with vitamins and minerals. They get to root around some and have a lot of outdoor space to run and play. I also have connected with an apple orchard that gives me their fallen rotten and buggy apples. Apples are great for their gut and immune systems.

They were born Amish, so there are no antibiotics, hormones or other unnatural things given to them.

I hope to start a farrow to finish Berkshire cross enterprise, but am testing the piggy waters with these for now.