It’s springtime already!

We just returned from a fabulous visit to Costa Rica and found that it is springtime in northern Iowa already! With the chirps and songs of the Orioles, red-wing black birds and robins, it is a sure sign that spring is here. There is no snow, the smell of the ground defrosting, and early morning fog are also tell-tale signs. What does this mean? It means we have to jump into action!

The lambs are due starting April 1st! So it means it’s shearing time! Vaccinations and hoof trims for the ewes, too!

We need to haul corn and soybeans that were sold for March delivery. The mucky and wet yards of the farms are not good environments for semi trucks. The give and takes of farming….

We have a lot of fences to fix, gardens to plan and plant, grain to sell, and a list of other things now that the weather is warmer. We are trying to stay on top of it all while quickly adjusting back to the busy farm life that warm weather brings.