“What good ears you have”


These aren’t the ears the wolf means from Little Red Riding Hood, but the ears from our fields. Notice how there is very little ‘tipping back’ at the top of the ear, meaning that there was little to no environmental stress during pollination. Some say that it’s during the early R stages that determine seedling size and ear growth. Others say its during pollination. This is yet another reason we have a corn surplus this year.

2013 harvest time…the tribulations


This year’s harvest has had it’s fair share of trials and tribulations and it’s not over yet. It began with the late harvest due to the late planting. We are always racing against Old Man Winter. Then it was the question of do we harvest soybeans or corn first? So we did some corn, then we switched combine heads to do some soybeans, then when they got too wet, it was back to corn, then when that got too wet we switched heads and went back to soybeans, and so on and so forth. Wet corn and soybeans seems to be the theme this year. Our dryer is getting a real workout and we are testing its engineering. And it’s been trials and tribulations once again.

Because we have such variability in the field, our drying system then has to dry corn that can be at 17.5% moisture to 25%+ moisture content and spit it all out at a constant 17% for ideal storage. The trouble was and sort of is, the moisture sensor on our dryer kind went berserk. Another trial and tribulation (sigh).

So, we are taking out dried grain and bringing it to the elevator or ethanol plant where they utilize the corn right away so spoilage isn’t an issue. We are pretty sure where our troubled corn is, so we have been taking it out accordingly and mixing it with some drier grain. In addition, we have way too much corn! Not a bad problem to have! Despite the wet spring and the late planting, our yields are the best I’ve seen since I started helping my dad in 2003…or was it ’02? Anyway, it’s pretty awesome to see what genetically altered corn can do in difficult planting and growing situations. Hey, if its for ethanol, I’m all over it. But let’s leave the gmo topic for another day. I’m reveling in the fact that we have great yields and we all still love and respect each other!