Something is growing well

Due to the untimely and continuous rains, some farmers haven’t been able to finish planting their fields of soybeans. Some never got to plant their corn! So this is what happens when the weeds get their chance before the soybeans or corn. We grow a lot of this. I wish consumers wanted this ragweed, we could make a killing on it!


It’s a sign of spring!

Our first little lambs arrived yesterday, April 1! We got 4 on the first day! All healthy and resilient little cuties. Because this year is colder than other springs, Johnny and I have started to try something new. We have read that in cattle, if they are fed in the evening versus the morning, they are more apt to have their calves during the daytime, which makes it safer for mother and calf. If you were a lamb, wouldn’t you prefer to be born in the warm sunshine versus the wet and cold nighttime? With temperatures well below freezing at night, it’s something worth trying. So far, all the lambs have been born during the day. We got a new set of twins this morning. We put them in a warm jug with their momma where they can snuggle up close for warmth. Momma licks all the wet goo off, they get that first vitamin-rich milk and they are off to a great start. We hope to have a very successful lambing year this spring. I will keep you posted on whether the change in feeding time works;)