Little seedlings

Spring has sprung and everyone is getting in the mood to plant things! With warm 70-80 degree days, it is almost too good to be true. Radishes, lettuce, onions, and other colder weather hardy vegetables can be planted now. The lettuce crop could be plentiful this year with multiple plantings throughout the summer! Yum yum!
As for tomatoes, peppers and other warmer weather crops, it’s best to start them indoors. Last year I tried to sow everything from seed right in the garden soil. My tomato crop was excellent, but my peppers not so much. The flowers and herbs I tried to grow from seed never came up, so this year I have tried a different method, a sort of hydroponic method seed starter kit. We will see how well the seeds germinate in the next few weeks!


Growing days

Every week the corn grows a little bit…no, actually a lot taller. It’s really amazing. Last week the corn was shoulder height.


And the garden beds looked good even after the frying mishap…


This week the corn is taller than I am and the tassels have emerged.


And the garden beds have grown tenfold! No wonder everything is bigger in the Amazon!


Right now is the special time when the corn plant pollinates itself to produce the ear of corn that is valued so high. Right now is also one of the hottest weeks all summer. The corn plant should not under go much stress during the pollination period. Stress reduces the number of kernels an ear may have and therefore reduces the future yield. A heat index of 115 degrees Fahrenheit is not conducive to a happy and stress free plant. But so far, our corn plants look magnificent and healthy. All the green is really a site to see. But I will let you know how this week of extreme hotness goes for us and the corn.